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The Students

The Students

Please support Francesca Sloane and company in their bid to go to China and promote science. It’s very important that we encourage young scientists to get out into the world with their research, and I for one think that enabling such opportunities for young women is a very worthy cause. I first met Francesca at The Big Bang in Liverpool’s World Museum when I was presenting Genetics and Neuropsychology. She’d just won a competition with regards to her project ‘Genetic Transformation of E. coli Bacteria with the pGLO Plasmid.’ I remember thinking to myself that I’d never met such an impressive and confident young woman before and that she deserved to win hands down. The prize was the trip to China although it is only partly funded and so the team are embarking on a charity drive to raise the shortfall. If you can help please do.

From the JustGiving profile:

What’s the problem we’re trying to solve?

In July four of us won the Big Bang North West Competition for Best Use of Practical Science. We were so excited to have won a trip to China, however not all the trip is paid for and we need some help with the cost of our travel and visas. So we are doing something crazy with some of our science teachers in the hope that you might sponsor us. With your help we can get to China and showcase why Liverpool and Holly Lodge is an inspirational place for young scientists.

Why do we care about this project?

Coming from a comprehensive school in Liverpool we don’t get the opportunity to go to China very often. This will be an amazing way of representing Liverpool at an international event. We worked so hard on this project which involved experimenting on genetic transformation of E. coli bacteria with the pGLO plasmid, we think we deserve to go and meet other young scientists to better our understanding of different areas of science. We also want to represent our city and our school.

How will the money be spent?

We will be cycling from Holly Lodge to Southport and back again which is about 40miles. Any money raised will go towards the cost of travel to the event in China and our visas.

When will we see the difference?

Through our Science Department twitter account you will be able to see the exact things we get up to in China; we will also post lots of photos and comments on our school website. The other difference you will be able to see is in us as young scientists, we feel this trip will help with our confidence and knowledge and will ultimately help with UCAS applications and our future scientific endeavours.

Please Donate at JustGiving [External Link]

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