Guest Speaker: Matt Dickinson is Iron Man!

Matt Dickinson

Matt Dickinson is Iron Man

Matt Dickinson entered the Autodesk community world design competition in June 2007, where the task was to design a non-lethal device for removing enemies from a room. After this the design was then converted into a toy. September 2008 Matthew Dickinson graduated from the University of Central Lancashire, with BEng(Hons) computer aided engineering. He was also nominated for the Malcolm Faulkner Student Prize for Sustainable Futures award for his final year project, which involved the investigation into recycled material for the production of prosthetic feet. Shortly afterwards Matthew began working for UCLan teaching Advanced CAD and simulation.

Matthew’s research interests are aimed at the heart of the combustion engine, the piston, rings and bore. His research also covers the inclusion of nano-composite coatings for wear applications.

Matthew is involved with many STEM events. He has been involved in the Big Bang 2010 and 2011 science event with a stand that showed the use of converting human to electrical energy. He also presents a fun lecturer called “The science of super heroes” which is aimed at the junior school children.

Research: Running-in plays an important part of the piston ring bedding process. During operation the ring material commonly gray cast iron will go through a large level of stress. The coating that is attached to the ring can cause the ring to suffer damage. Leaving a question how should rings be run into the system?


The Science of Superheroes

Darwin Lecture Theatre, UCLan, Preston, UK, 6th June, 1700 – 2100 BOOK NOW

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