Project Objectives

1. To engage the public in science, equality, ethics and humanism, as well as any other subjects that keep within the organisations ethos by providing seminars, workshops, conferences, debates and lectures.

2. To highlight the need for evidence based reasoning on a modern and diverse world stage.

3. To engage in charity where possible in the local, national and international community with the focus on promoting equality, free expression, and raising funds for underprivileged groups and those who wish to conduct similar events.

4. To provide a platform for the collaboration of existing organisations interested in topics primarily under point 1, as well as any and all subjects that pertain to the underlying goal of communicating science and reason to the public.

5. To undertake consciousness raising activities designed to help individuals and communities, understand the importance of science and it’s ethical underpinnings as well as outreach activities involving the principles of common humanism in an effort to promote equality on all levels.

6. To give local scientific, humanist and equality activists a voice, by actively engaging in world affairs using the knowledge of subject matter experts and a reasoned discourse to inform our position.

7. To responsibly use existing and emerging communications technology to communicate messages that keep with the organisations ethos.

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