Poster 06.06.14 event George, Robert and Matt

An Evening of Science and Reason

The University of Central Lancashire

Friday, 6th June, (Darwin Building Lecture Theatre), 1700 – 2100

Organised by Glen Carrigan, University of Central Lancashire


Come along to An Evening of Science and Reason on the 6th of June with Dr George McGavin, Dr Robert Asher and Matt Dickinson at the University of Central Lancashire’s 3d Lecture Theatre in Darwin Building (DBLT). The Theatre has featured various well known scientists in the past such as Professor Richard Dawkins and many others including most recent, Professor Robin Dunbar. So come along and be part of what promises to be an interesting and entertaining event.


·         Science and Reason based event

·         Objective:

          Public engagement in the North West. The event will take advantage of the current encouraging media focus on engagement in the Sciences without compromising the integrity of the research. It will also promote the Humanist messages of reason, equality and compassion in moral decision making.

          Raise awareness, understanding and acceptance of the Scientific method and of current Scientific facts as well as how Humanism can assist us in making ethical decisions.

          To enable current students and graduates to develop and apply skills in the presentation of the event.

          To create new, beneficial, long lasting relationships with external entities and to raise awareness of the importance of science and ethical education at a time when Higher Education has become seemingly less accessible to the general public.

          Leave a legacy fund/organisation from which future students can host similar events.

          Audience: Primary concern being those open-minded students and members of the public that are willing to learn about science and humanism.

          Event Emphasis: Evolution, astrophysics, engineering, ethical and moral decision making with humanistic considerations in a modern and pluralist society.

·         Time and date: 06.06.2014, 1700 – 2100

·         Format: Either presentations from speakers or a debate with or without a moderator.

·         Admission: FREE!

·         Venue: The University of Central Lancashire, Darwin Building opened by Professor Richard Dawkins. The facility is a large 3D capable lecture theatre.

·         Media support: Media Students

          3 x camera – 1 wide shot, 2 on speaker, and 3 excellent operators. If you have media skills then come and get involved!

          Live internet feed including Twitter and Facebook updates throughout HASHTAG #PSR

          UCLan Deaf Studies department. Two British Sign Language Trained interpreters will be there for disability access.

          Publicity materials in house development, student distributed, university website, external blog site, Eventbrite, Twitter and Facebook. Find us EVERYWHERE!

·         Catering: Scholars hospitality standard conference spread.

·      Budget: Currently £2000 but all donations are gratefully appreciated!!!

         To make a donation contact Glen Carrigan: All donations will be held in a secured University account and transactions will be authorised by the coordinator.


Run Order

1700 Doors open: Meet and greet by Project Science and Reason volunteers, networking and exhibits

        1800 First Speaker: Matt Dickinson – The Science of Superheroes

        1850 Interval

        1900 Second Speaker: Dr Robert Asher – Evolution, Reason, and Religion

        1950 Interval

        2000 Third Speaker: Dr George McGavin – Insects: Sex, violence and a cast of billions

        2050 Closing Address

Campus Map

UClan Map

PSR reserves the right to change details of the event due to unforeseen circumstances

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