Jessica Catherine Crawford


 Course: Bsc (Hons) Forensic Psychology

I am a BSc Forensic Psychology student, graduating in Summer 2014. I will be continuing on with the forensic specialism into an MSc heading for full chartership as a Forensic Psychologist, with the possibility of a PhD.

My journey through UCLan and involvement with research has been a hugely fulfilling experience. I feel psychology is a vital subject in such a wide variety of areas. In terms of Forensic psychology it is hugely important in attempting to reduce recidivism by adapting a range of therapeutic interventions that are sculpted to the different types of offenders and individuals. Eyewitness research also has an important place, in influencing the legal system and how a variety of authorities operate, from police to juries, lawyers and judges. Research into Forensic psychology is helping to better understand criminals, crime actions, eyewitness malleability and victimology, to name but a few, and aiming to make our society a safer place to be. I think this is a brilliant opportunity for the public to get engaged with science and realise all it has to offer!


Khalid A

Khalid Afzal

Media Training

Course: Ba (Hons) Media Production

Khalid is a media professional and a fitness instructor at Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre. He sometimes combines both fitness and media in his direction and filming of various bespoke aerobic and zumba videos available online. Khalid is responsible for directing the event’s media staff and producing a top quality video documentary which will be available on our website and youtube.


Chris Malburn

Chris Malburn

Volunteer – Liverpool Humanists, Atheist, Humanist, and Secularist Student Societies 

Course: Bsc (Hons) Architecture

I’m a student at the University of Liverpool, and have studied Engineering Foundation and part of an Architecture degree. I was one of the founding members of the University of Liverpool Humanists, and spent two largely successful years (I like to think!) as President following its reboot in 2012. I also joined the AHS’s volunteer team in 2012 as the Regional Development Officer for the North West region, with the job of giving a helping hand and advice to up-and-coming atheist, humanist and secular student societies and I’m now part of the team organising the AHS AGM, which will be held in Liverpool in July 2014. It shouldn’t be any surprise to find out that, while I don’t have a science background, I recognise the importance of the Humanist and Skeptic movements in spreading a message of rationalism, fairness and critical thinking, and I’m willing to my own little bit to help out! If you’re interested in getting involved by starting your own student society and don’t know where to start, give me a shout!



Mel Barker


Course: Bsc (Hons)  Neuropsychology

I am a first year Neuropsychology student at the University of Central Lancashire and have been passionate about science for as long as I can remember. After spending several of my teenage years actively involved in a Pentecostal church, I eventually left (after being heavily encouraged to leave) because I refused to deny evolution. Ever since I have been obsessed with the power that religion has in society, the factors which contribute to the formation of religious belief and the idea we are evolutionarily adapted to become both leaders and followers. I’ve also had a fascination with alternative medicine and pseudoscience ever since I realised the Berlin Wall could be purchased as a homeopathic remedy (or Murus Berlinensis if you’d like its more official sounding name). It’s a great privilege to be able to volunteer for Project Science and Reason and I’m looking forward to being able to work with people so passionate and dedicated to science.



Lydia Dena Walker

British Sign Language Interpreter

Course: Ba (Hons) British Sign Language

My name is Lydia Walker. I’m studying British Sign Language Interpreting at Uclan and shall be going into my 3rd and final year in September. My interest in British Sign Language started when I was 19. I got a new job in a school where I became friends with a lady who is deaf. She taught me new signs every day, but I wanted to learn more about the language. I then went onto complete Level 1 and Level 2 in BSL at White Cross College in Lancaster before starting at Uclan in 2012. My aim is to become a fully qualified interpreter of English/British Sign Language. In my spare time I enjoy running and I am signed up to take part in The Great North Run in July.


 Jack Marcham

Volunteer – President of Lancaster University Atheists, Non-believers and Agnostics Society

Course: BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

I am a 2nd year student at Lancaster University and one of the founders of the society. I am a huge fan of the scientific method and became primarily interested in biology after reading ‘The Selfish Gene’ by Richard Dawkins. This led me to his other great work ‘The God Delusion’. I also enjoy debating philosophy in the pub or discussing physics with my flatmate. Looking forward to seeing you all there.


Emma Lowrie

Emma Lowrie

Course: PhD Research Psychology

Thesis: Is Paranormal Belief a Unique Form of Coping

I began my career by completing my BSC Hons Psychology degree at UCLan. Since then I have progressed to studying for my PhD through completing a research internship and helping to collect data and contributing to literature reviews for a number of publications that are currently in preparation. I enjoy all aspects of my university life at UCLan, one of these is Project Science and Reason which I am honoured to be a part of as it allows me to help engage the public in subjects that I find truly fascinating.


 Ben Constable

Ben Constable

Medical Cover

Course: BA (Fd) Sports Development with Sports Injuries

Ben is a UCLan graduate and owner of Forward Sports Fitness with a range of experience in medical care from fitness instruction to first aid which has led to many qualifications including: Diploma in Personal Training, Diploma in GP Referral, Masters in Personal Training, St John Ambulance Event First Aid Qualified and NHS Responder. Ben has provided medical cover for many internal and external events and has been the medic at 53 Degrees UcLan Student union for 10 yrs.

He believes that understanding and researching science is an absolute must for the human species. If humans are to cure disease, reach into the cosmos and develop our consciousness then we must develop our understanding of the worlds around us.



Carina Kate Connolly


Course: BSc (Hons) Sport Psychology

My name is Carina Connolly and I have studied sport at UCLan over 4 years, originally studying on the ‘Sports Studies’ course offered here. I am now in the closing weeks of my degree, during which I have been fully supported and guided by great staff and students. The psychology department in particular have a great attitude towards their students, from Open Days through to every day lectures, seminars etc. During my time at university I have worked as a Student Ambassador which includes working on Open/Applicant Days, representing the university at various different events, and delivering my own presentation of my time at UCLan. I have now also applied for my MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology (also at UCLan), as I wish to further my career in this area, especially rehabilitation psychology.


David Romero

David Romero


Course: Bsc (Hons) Neuroscience

I am David Romero Perez. As an international student I came from Spain to study Neuroscience at UCLan. The university and my teachers made me feel welcome and supported my enthusiasm. In the future I would like to develop my career by doing PhD on an area related to brain biology. I feel volunteering for events like PSR adds much needed experience to supplement my degree and helps to engage the public in science.



James Cheal


Course: Bsc (Hons) Psychology Graduate

I am a BSc (Hons) Psychology graduate of the University of Central Lancashire and currently working in the NHS. I’m lifelong philosopher, a keen scientist and a professional musician. James future aims to continue researching neuropsychology. My personal view is that the more we move away from religion, the closer we get to a more utopian style society built on the foundation of human reason and a capacity for critical thinking.


Haley Hodgson

Haley Louise Focske Hodgson


Course: Bsc (Hons) Neuropsychology

I am a 2nd Year neuropsychology student and want to explore the structural changes in the limbic system which arise from meditative practices and good self-relationships. I believe that understanding how changing brain structures and attitudes to oneself and others in order to change life and culture is paramount to a paradigm shift in the sciences and that this in turn will change the way children are taught to effect a global change in the way people interact with each other and the environment.


Arvin Bissessur


Course: LLB with Japanese

My name is Arvin Kumar Bissessur, a final year student studying Law at UCLan. Since being at university, UCLan has provided me multiple opportunities to diversify my interests and strengthen the provisions needed to fulfill my aspirations. I look forward to volunteering, not only to help friends and associates, but to further broaden my personal knowledge and interests.


Hamza Naseer


Course: PhD Psychology

Thesis: ‘Honour’-Based Violence (HBV) perpetration and victimisation in the UK: The development of a dynamic risk assessment approach. The United Nations (2000) estimates that nearly 5000 women are murdered by their own families in the name of honour every year. ‘Honour’ killings, however, are only a part of the greater problem of ‘honour’ based violence (HBV). In Britain there were over 2,800 cases of HBV reported to the 39 police forces in 2010 alone, and the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation estimates that a further 500 incidents may have been reported to the 13 forces who did not participate in data collection (IKWRO, 2011). My PhD research aims to develop a dynamic approach towards the risk assessment of HBV victimisation and perpetration thus empowering social workers, clinicians, and law enforcement who deal with this type of violence.

If you would like to volunteer please contact Glen Carrigan: Scienceandreason@hotmail.co.uk

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